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ventilationWhen we built our new house, one of the features you will be excited about is ventilation. Many of the people does not pay much attention towards ventilation but they have to suffer if have ignored this essential element of ventilation. In these modern times, ventilation is given much importance but this was not visible in the older days. There was no concept of ventilation in older times but now it has become a necessity. Along with ventilation, insulation is also must. Thus every new building is designed keeping in mind the proper ventilation and insulation in mind. Here are some of the options or ways to ventilate your house.

  • No ventilation

This option is very much common and mostly seen in the American homes. Here there is absence of any technical system to get rid of stale indoor air or to bring the fresh and natural air inside the house. In older times, when houses were not having ventilation, this concept was perfectly suited. The only way of ventilation was the natural leakiness of the house which exists in the house. Even though a house is having naturally leaky structure but still it is not enough or it does not guarantee good ventilation in your house. For working out this concept, there must be notable difference in the temperature of indoor and outdoor or there should either be breeze outside. Any of the above situation creates makes a pressure difference between outdoor and indoor and will force this ventilation.  In the seasons of summer and spring, the ventilation would be really low even if the house is really extreme leaky.

  • Natural ventilation

This strategy is not very common. Here specific designs are prepared to bring fresh and natural air inside and to get the stale air outside. One of the ideas is to create solar chimney so that the air is heated naturally by the air and by doing so the air will rise up and down through the vents which is placed near the top of the house or building. Many of the people prefer to open up doors and windows for ventilating their house but they do this also during summer only hence remaining part of the year they keep their windows closed. But open windows is also not sufficient for good air ventilation.

  • Balanced ventilation

The best strategy for5 having an efficient ventilation system is to have a balanced ventilation. In this system, there should be two separate fans which should drive the inflow and outflow of air from the house. This controls where the fresh air comes in and where it is circulated. It also controls the way of going out of the stale air. Balanced ventilation can be in two forms either ducted or point sourced ventilation. Here the area of the house which is most used is in focus point and most air is delivered to that area.  It also absorbs the moisture from the house.

PostHeaderIcon Uses of Roof Parapet in Building

Roof parapetIt totally depend on the architecture or style of architecture whether to install a parapet on the roof or not. Parapet are such a useful thing a that help to protect the building from being damaged by wind and fire and keep the people staying in the house safe. The type of parapet is determined by the roofline which can be included within the square footage available. Parapets were also used as a military defense technique to ward off attacks. And that was one of the reasons of roof parapets being place on the building. With the passage of time it evolves as a guard rails which was installed to add charm to the building.

What is roof parapet?

A parapet which sets on the roof structure is generally not higher than the height of three feet. A parapet which is properly fixed decreases the pressure of wind on the edge of the roof while hurricane and tornadoes. Roof parapet can also be useful as a fire wall which slows down uncontrolled fire. If seen from the safety perspective, roof parapet also saves people from falling off the roof, balcony or a flat roof. There are some parapets which are of no use except to increase the beauty of the home. The reason of the evolution of the parapets is that it was built in the castle and was sloped in such a way that defenders could properly shoot at the enemy.

How long has roof parapets been used?

The description of parapet is since the time of bible. Roof parapets are also mentioned in the bible. Most families use parapet as guard rail around the flat roofs so people did not get hurt. Roof parapets evolved in London in early 1700’s. At that time brick were used to surround the wooden roof eaves to protect them from fire.  Georgian architecture brought roof parapets in a more incorporated way in between 1720 to 1840 to make building look more proportioned and structured.

Are there any problems in using roof parapet on a flat roof?

Generally by applying soffit underside the roof overhang, a building is vented. Venting is placed within the walls, if a parapet is constructed around the perimeter of a flat roof. Air circulated from the roof through the parapet walls. It’s a fact the air moves well within the parapet wall but still if there is a taller roof parapet it causes air to move slower and in turn it leads to cause ventilation issues. Apart from this there is also another issue, its bit more expensive as compared to other traditional soffit application.

Do parapets hide anything?

Parapets are also used to hide heating and air conditioning units which are placed on the top of the building. One of the uses of installing parapets by architect is that it makes look building taller. It gives a great look to the building. Parapets are many of the times used to hide unattractive things. When it is installed on the roof one of the reason may be to hide badly repaired roofs.






PostHeaderIcon Ways to Save Money While Shopping Furniture

money saving furnitureFurniture is expensive thing. Shopping it new or even for the purpose of renovation can take in a huge spending of money. So here are some of the ways to save money while shopping furniture.

 Shop online

People avoid shopping online even if it is beneficial and profitable. The thing which people don’t understand is that the retail prices of furniture contain overhead expenses which the retailer recovers from you. Retail prices contain rent, staffing, electricity expenses. Where as in online shopping of furniture this prices are not covered. In online furniture shopping, the company either has warehouse or they ship directly from the factory. In both of these cases you will have to pay much less than you pay in the stores. Thus it leads to cost saving. The online shopping is always less costly than store shopping. The prices may vary from site to site but it will lead you to savings.

Warehouse sales

Buying at the time of sales obviously saves money but it is not the concept here. There are many deal sites which clear out their furniture out of the warehouse. This is the time you should buy from them and making some savings. It is not always possible you get this chance but you need to have patience and track on this type of chance. If you don’t have patience to wait you can shop by this way. New furnishings are usually debuted twice in year. Once in April and other in October, So before this time companies try to vacate their rooms for new stock. Start searching for such companies before 2-3 months and take benefit of savings.

Don’t get caught in brand names

There is huge number of furniture companies in the world. It must be possible that you might not be aware about brands but you are aware about fashion. With wide range of competition in furniture market, at the end of the day many of the products would be same as that of other. Total innovation is possible now. Availability of 400+ lines we might see same products from one brand to other. For example If I wonder in market for black jacket, There might be some change in pattern, shape and size but at last what you got is black. Likewise In furniture also you might get same thing with minor changes. So don’t go for brand names all the time and pay more prices. Small or unknown brand don’t mean it would be less qualitative or bad.

Stay on neutral colors for large pieces

You most probably see neutral colors in the furniture. These are the colors which are commonly used, prepared and demanded. But if you go for something unique then it might cost you more. If you go for basic and standard colors like white, grey, or red which the price would be normal, but if you go for colors like orange the price goes up. Lesser people have different choice like orange and thus it is not prepared in bulk unlike other standard colors like white, grey and red. As these are prepared in bulk, their prices cost is less and hence selling price is also less. As unique colors are not prepared in bulk their cost is high and thus it’s selling price is also more.

PostHeaderIcon How To Choose A Mattress

Choose A MattressIt is very essential for you to get the right kind of mattress. If you sleep on the wrong mattress or a one that is uncomfortable it may lead to a lot of problems such as back pain, muscle pain or even spine problems. It is not necessary that every high rated mattress is good. It might not be the one for you so choose a mattress according to your requirements and comfort. A bed is only as good as its mattress. Some tips and time is all you need to shop the right mattress.

• Know about your physical condition. Are you facing problems of an aching back or poor blood circulation? The bad back conditions might require support systems that are firm and keep the spine aligned. While blood circulation problems need a flexible support that can adjust itself with the shape of the body. You shall be able to narrow down your choices of the right mattress to meet your needs if you prioritize and know your physical and medical concerns.

• You might as well be allergic. There are mattresses that can cause allergies to people who are sensitive to cotton, dust or lint. Consider your allergies while buying a mattress and a latex and foam mattress or when made of water are usually recommended for people prone to allergies. These special mattresses do not generate any dust or lint and thus there are no mites. Even covers that are hypo-allergic are available.

• Make sure it has the best coil spring construction. The stores usually have cross-section samples to show the construction of coil spring in their product lines. Ask for explanations if you do not understand the different constructions. However, using latex and foam instead of coils is better. They are visco-elastic, or flexible and can adjust to the body’s shape without laying any pressure points on the head, hip or the shoulders. They are available widely in various densities.

• You can also consider air mattresses that are equipped with mechanical and electronical devices that help you adjust the firmness and softness of the bed in different areas. They have air chambers that control all adjustments. Fr partners you have different firmness requirements this is the ideal type.

• The mattresses come with different features. Their depths and thickness are all different. They might have assorted outer layers as quilted, pillow top or cushion. They are also available in organic models.

• Always try the mattress that you buy. All stores allow you to to lie on the bed so that you can choose the one according to your comfort level. Do not hurry while trying out the mattress. Test each bed at least for 15-20 minutes to be completely sure.

• Usually the better and more innovative mattresses are priced higher but they also last longer. The price usually is dependent on the size, quality, durability and the manufacturer’s warranty. You can wait to purchase during the time of sale or discounts too.

PostHeaderIcon 4 Kinds of Flat Roof Coating

Flat roof coatingsThere are plenty of varieties in the flat of roof coatings available in today’s time. But still a continuous improvement is going on in these things so that you don’t need to make a use of tar of the older days which are a heavy producer of toxic fumes. Water proofing of flat roofs is becoming much easier than before as the number of products appearing in the market is also increasing. One of the products you can use among the variety of products is rubber or PVC along with the cold liquid applications. At the end the type of coating you choose for your flat roof depends upon the existing flat roof and its coating which is already existent on your flat roof. Whichever type of coating you choose for your flat roof you still have to make your roof ready for making the roof adhere the new coating properly. Here are the 4 types of flat roof coatings.

  • Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene

This product is very common and it is supplied by the many manufacturers. This product is made up of synthetic rubber. One of the most popular advantages of using this is that the joints in the roofing are able to be heated in order to join into one sheet. This can be made even faster to the roof by using a very simple adhesive which is based upon solvent. This type of flat roof coating sis also called as Hypalon.

  • Use of cold liquid application

The procedure of applying cold liquid flat roof coating is very simple. It is like applying various products in a serious to your existing structure of roofing. The curing time of this structure is very fast and thus it can be applied at any time in the year but just the roof should be free of snow.            This coating is perfectly resistant to extreme weather conditions. It can be considered as very good coating to your roof.

  • IB roof system

It is a single ply PVC coating for flat roofs. There are many manufacturers for this product but the guarantee of the lifespan of this product differs with all. This product is pretty much new in the market but still it seems to be taking off the market from the old EPDM flat roof coating. This offers better quality because of its formulation.

  • EPDM

This product is of single ply and the reason behind its ease and simplicity in application. It is made up of synthetic barrier and this has also overcome its defect of adding up a vapor barrier which was previously visible in this type of coating. This is a big improvement and it is also helpful in saving up much of the time. Joints are made up of the tape which comes as a part of the roll and it is attached at one of the side of the factory. The life of this type of coating is very long. It lasts for approximately fifty years. Thus it is durable, long lasting and also simple.


PostHeaderIcon Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Pool Maintenance TipsIf you are lucky to own a swimming pool you should also be aware of how well maintained it should be. Regular checks and maintenance of the pool shall keep the pool refreshing and ready for everyday use and you will not have to run to the pool store often. It also saves you from making mistakes that would cost a great deal of money. Some of the common tips for you to know are:

• You should check the chemistry of the pool at least twice per week in summers and once a week in winters. The skim and dirt that settles in the water should be cleaned weekly or as required. The sink should also be cleaned of hair and lint in every other week.

• The water level also needs to be maintained. It should be at the center of the tile. The adjustments of the water level should be made at least once in a month. Maintenance of proper chlorine levels is also very important and so you should keep checking on its level. Chlorinators can be used weekly to adjust the chlorine in the water and tablets can be induced through inline units. The chlorine and acid should not be kept together. They should also be away from direct sunlight.

• Depending on the conditions in your pool you might have to clean your filters. If there has been a storm then you shall have to clean the pool after the storm. Otherwise, it can be done once in every few months. You can soak the dirty filters in solutions of acids or phosphates and use a trash can to dip it in. Always remember to add acid to water and to use safety precaution for eyes and hands. Then you can rinse it and let it dry.

• You will have to check and clean the blades every 30 days if you have a salt water chlorine generator. If the flow meter is reading below normal then there is low chlorine production or nothing at all. This is because the blades get calcified and need cleaning. Once the proper cleaning is done as per the instructions they are well to use again.

• If you have an ozone system then your pool does not require regular shocks. However, if you have to do it, then do it at night. If you have to use the pool soon after having shocked it then use a non-chlorine based shock. Another way to shock your pool would be to run the pump of your ozone system for a good 24 hours.

• There might be cracks around the perimeter of the pool between the deck and tile of your pool. This can be fixed by using clear silicon to bead it. Water should not allowed through these inlets or cracks from inside the pool.

• Any kind of vegetation, animals, and chemicals should be kept away from the pool. Algae can feed on the waste from animals, birds and humans so avoid all kinds of waste in the pool.

PostHeaderIcon Types Of Foam Bed

Foam BedAre you tired of sleeping on your same old bed? Well then you must know about different types of foam beds that not only gift you a good night sleep but also reduces the body aches and back pains that you have developed while lying on your old mattress. But remember, selecting right kind of mattress is very important as the entire shape and wellbeing of your body depends on your undisturbed sleep on a perfect mattress. Reading the following will help you choose the right kind of foam bed.

Polyurethane: This kind of foam beds is most popular these days. It’s a budget bed. Polyurethane foam beds are of basically low quality and it does not generally gain its earlier structure after being used for a long period of time. If you want to know the reason behind this, then you should know that polyurethane foam beds are made of certain types of cells that remain open. The resilience of polyurethane foam beds is very low. If you buy such kind of beds from any online merchandise then you must know that the shape may lose its original form while shipping.

High density foam: High density foam beds are usually of better quality than the polyurethane foam beds. The durability of these beds and better and even after using high density foam beds for more than four years, the quality of these mattresses generally don’t get decreased. Not only for making beds, but you can use such foams in sofa, cushions also. The resilience of this foam is around 30. High density beds are available in stores in white, beige other colors.

Evlon foam beds: If you are not willing to compromise with the quality of your foam bed and you are also game to spend some extra bucks to purchase the right kind of foam, then Evlon foam could be the ideal choice as your bed mattress. Even after using for years, these kind of mattresses can give you proper rest and relaxation to your body. Another important feature of Evlon foam bed is that this type of foam bed can easily surpass flames. The material of this foam bed can combat flame attack and doesn’t get destroyed in fire. The Evlon foams are available in the market mostly in deep shades like blue, pink, green and peach. This is the ultimate mattress to take care of your spines.

Foams with high resilience: Here comes the more expensive type of foam bed. But since this type of foam is expensive than the earlier types, then obviously the quality is also better with high resilience foam beds. The longevity of this foam bed is more than 12 years. You can use this type of foam in any expensive furniture without giving it a second thought.
Rubber foam: This type of foams is available as latex foam in stores. In terms of quality, this is excellent but you should also remember than rubber foam can be easily reduced to fire.

So, now you must have got a decent idea about the most popular forms of foams that are available in the market. Apart from your budget, you must also consider about your health factor because a foam bed is all about providing rest to your body and relax your muscles.

PostHeaderIcon Waste Water Treatment Advantages

Waste Water TreatmentWastewater is defined as that water that goes under the surface to runoff from snow and rain and enters the storm drainage system. The treatment process of wastewater often facilitates to eliminate a range of contaminants from water to make it utilizable again. It not only keeps natural ecosystem integral but also offers many real benefits to humans. It is quite significant to comprehend how this practice impacts human economically, medically and recreationally.

Clean water – Conversely only 3 percent of earth water is drinkable as water is a renewable resource because it gets filtered through rain and evaporation. Even though the nature cleans the wastewater with time, the main advantage of wastewater treatment is preserving clean water for use again.
New research and improvements – As researchers are introducing new techniques wastewater treatment methods are changing. Development of new techniques often saves more time energy and resource which are then accessible for other purpose. Such exploration leads to perfection in purification.
Disease – Wastewater treatment process can remove possible disease causing contaminants through a filtering system that obstruct their way and further treatment slaughter damaging organisms. This keeps the illness and other bacteria from entering the water source or the ground thus hurting people as well as plants and animals.
Economics – By wastewater treatment, research and processing jobs are produced. Returning fresh water to rivers and streams help sustain natural areas thus promoting eco-tourism. Thus treatment facilities for instance need usual maintenance and human action. The uses of treated water have great economic advantage especially in areas where there is scarcity of water. Many people also depend on fishing for their livelihood. Hence keeping the water bodies clean ensures that the ecosystem around the water body remains healthy.
Medical benefits – Waste water that is not treated often contains pathogens that are very harmful and even can cause loss of life to human and animals. These pathogens include food borne, sexually transmitted sources and blood borne as well. It is not only limited to waterborne microbes. Thus the medical benefit of treating waste water is truly endless.
Personal Use and Agricultural Use – Waste water that has been treated is definitely not fit for drinking and hence used for other purposes. Golf courses make use of this waste water to maintain the greenery. This goes on for several decades. This practice has also been seen at the home gardens, modern farms and lawns. Places where water is very scarce have stated using the waste water in public bathrooms.

PostHeaderIcon How To Select Wall Paper

Wall Paper for homeThe application of wall paper adds to the beauty of your home. Wallpapers have now become a crucial in home decoration and with the exotic and contemporary designs that are available they really look good after getting pasted on the walls. Depending on the price and the quality, the wallpapers are available in various designs and colors. Wallpapers give a unique look to the room and unlike the color of the room which you cannot change after every few months, wallpapers help you change the ambience of the room with the changing season. Given below are some simple ideas to select the best wallpaper:

• First of all the room in which you want the wallpaper to be applied should come into consideration. If it is your bedroom or living room then the wallpaper should ideally have an aesthetic appeal to it. There are various wallpapers which are fabric flocked or vinyl coated but as long as they are sober they can be chosen for the bedroom or the living room. If you want to choose wallpaper for your kitchen or bathroom, then washable wallpapers would be good. These two rooms get dirty the most often and that is why the quality of the wallpaper should be such that they can be washed easily without any kind of trouble.
• Next, is the color of your room and of the ceiling. This is important while choosing wallpaper for your room. It will not be a good idea if you choose black wallpaper when the color of the ceiling is white. Wallpapers are mainly used to make the rooms look calm. If the color of the room is similar to that of the wallpaper then the best decision would be to change the wallpaper because changing the color would be a more tedious job.
• The last thing is the quality of the wallpaper. Wallpapers have a thin coating of PVC which not only makes it washable but durable at the same time. There are other wallpapers too which are not coated with PVC but there are not durable. Apart from this you will also find textured wallpaper that looks like brick or wood. If you have a photography studio then such wallpapers would be the best.

PostHeaderIcon Oil paints home decoration

Oil paints home decorationThe fact that every person who owns a house wants to elevate the beauty of the interiors of his or her house goes without saying. It will be a matter of pride for you to possess a home with not only a great structure but also to flaunt its outstanding interior decor.
One great way to do magnify the beauty of the home is to put the money to great use by using oil painting to upgrade the appeal of the interior decoration. Below are some of the benefits that using oil painting for improving the decor of your house can provide you with.

Good investment:

The worth of genuine oil painting increases with the passing time and the money once spent on it will not only beautify the interiors but will prove to be a great return in coming years.

Enduring quality:

It may be a little over priced when compared with the other classic types of painting for instance water color, yet your decision of choosing oil paint over other mediums will never be regretted despite the extra pocket pinch as it comes with the assurance that the amazing quality of the oil paint will not diminish for years to come because of unavoidable factors such as time and environment.

Alluring in all form:

Oil painting can take the look of your house to a whole new level with its panache and class. It will generate a point of fashion and dazzle in the house which will attract and get the admiration of the visitors to your home.

The advantages of selecting oil painting for home decoration can never be described completely without actually using them and creating your own piece of art in the home itself. It will be like an investment for the future having great valuable returns

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